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To evaluate AIRmobility® is a quick five step process

  • 1. Register here online in the upper left corner in the screen to set up your account.
  • 2. Create a form or re-create your paperwork with our form builder.
  • 3. Download the Blackberry, Android, etc. client software to your handset and configure.
  • 4. Complete the form now populated out to your wireless device and submit
  • 5. View your data online in your new account.

Start new by registering a new account here online now (upper left of this web page).

Once you have logged in, start by making a new form or click on the Help Tab for more information. If you need assistance, please contact Technical Support as needed.

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There is work flow and optimal work flow.

The only way to drive the absolute most out of your wireless field force automation solution is to customize it. When the return on investment is right, and you have a vendor wiling to make the adjustments, returns can be substantial.

Westlake on a regular basis makes derivatives of the core AIRmobility® platform for its customers

Evaluate AIRmobility® and read the Case Studies to show how AIRmobility® can be modified for you needs.

ROI of $1 Billion

Headlining the Ventura Country Register, covered by CNN Financial News, ComputerWorld and many more, Westlake's AIRmobility® was used as a tool to prevent over 75 rolling blackouts in the State of California.

As the State of California would report to Westlake that a black out scenario was eminent, 250 of the largest power users in the state were notified to shut excess power off and broadcast back via wireless within 5 minutes how many mega-watts could be shed.

Click On: Web-to-Wireless Program Manages California's Energy.