Android Solutions

AIRmobility® for the Android operating system takes full advantage of all the features, functions and capabilities found in our popular Blackberry version. This includes support for drop down lists, multiple select check boxes, open ended fields, photo capture support, GPS tracking support, blue tooth RFID and barcode support, store and forward and more.

You can demonstrate AIRmobility® for Android now by clicking on: AIRmobility® Demo

Unique to Android, AIRmobility® has full support for horizontal and vertical handset orientation as well as full touch screen support throughout.

Westlake is currently deployed with a large scale national business solution using Android handsets in the retail industry.

If you are interested in learning more on how an Android solution on AIRmobility® can help your business, please Contact Us today.

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Needs Assessment
500 Million and Growing

A joint venture between the Tribune and The Media Company, CIPS Marketing Group, Inc. distributes nationally over 500 Million direct-to-door promotional items (door hangers, product samples, etc.) annually. AIRmobility® has been customized to provide one of the most feature rich and analytical GPS tracking solutions worldwide.

Solution combines back office integration, multi device and carrier support, geo-fencing, fraud detection; do not deliver management, escalations and more.

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