Barcode and RFID

AIRmobility® currently supports
the Baracoda product line of blue
tooth scanners.

Synching with a Blackberry, Android
or J2ME based compatible handset,
barcode and RFID reading can significantly improve the accuracy of
data collected in the field. Keep track of inventory, proof of performance (scan to prove you were at a location), and more.

Clear Channel Outdoor

Uses bar code scanners to scan cards to show proof of completion automated back to their back office systems and to scan bus shelters and street furniture when ad copy or maintenance is required at a location. See: Case Studies

CIPS Marketing, Inc.

Uses barcode scanner to scan retail location news racks as proof of performance in that a driver did deliver to that location. See: Case Studies   Video

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There is work flow and optimal work flow.

The only way to drive the absolute most out of your wireless field force automation solution is to customize it. When the return on investment is right, and you have a vendor wiling to make the adjustments, returns can be substantial.

Westlake on a regular basis makes derivatives of the core AIRmobility® platform for its customers

Evaluate AIRmobility® and read the Case Studies to show how AIRmobility® can be modified for you needs.

Managing a Million Outdoor Display Ads

As the world's largest outdoor advertising agency, Clear Channel Outdoor has fully automated their operations field force teams domestically at all 36 locations using AIRmobility®.
  • Billboards
  • Street Furniture
  • Buss Shelters
The solution tracks changing ad copy, maintenance, time management issues, route efficiencies using GPS with fully integrated barcode, photo capture and back office integration support.

See: Case Studies