Clear Channel Outdoor Automates Field Force
GPS, Bar Coding, Photo Capture Back Office Integration

Clear Channel Outdoor is the worldwide leading provider of outdoor advertising products and services. It owns and operates billboards, street furniture displays, wallscapes, neons, transit displays, spectaculars, and mall displays. The company serves retail, business services, automotive, banking and financial services, food and food products, telecommunications, and media and entertainment industries. It operates approximately 1,000,000 displays in 60 countries.

A successful solution would assist Clear Channel in maintaining its industry leadership, increase customer satisfaction by reducing the reporting of posting times, decrease fuel costs by improving route efficiencies, and help to standardize deployment and maintenance costs.

CIPS Marketing Group, Inc. Tracks Direct-to-Door Deliveries

GPS, Dashboard, Custom Server, Photo Capture, Back Office
Integration, Bar Code
CIPS Marketing, Inc. is a joint venture between the Tribune Company and The Media Company in the United States. They offer direct-to-door home delivery for over 500,000,000 flyers, door hangers, product samples, phone books, etc. nationally every year.

The company is heavily GPS tracking dependant as data collected is used for proof of performance, violation of driving speeds, stopping times, extensive use of geo-fencing routes, quality control measures, do not deliver tracking, recycling center monitoring for fraud control and more.

Sprint Nextel Manages Retail Field Force

Database Management, GPS,
Dashboards, Custom Server,
Sprint Nextel Corporation is in the highly competitive market place of wireless and wire line products and services. The sales force that manages their wireless business is broken up between two larger groups: direct to business and direct to consumer. Within the consumer division, segments include indirect dealers (owner operated stores), direct dealers (corporate owned stores) and wireless national retail (Best Buy, Radio Shack, Fry's etc.). Over 1000 indirect account executives, indirect sales managers, directors and executives track, manage and support Sprint Nextel's direct national wireless retail efforts nationally including the Virgin Islands and Porto Rico.

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