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Get it right the first time requires knowledge beyond what the carrier may be telling you.

Westlake's management has helped thousands of companies since 1994 better understand both the benefits and liabilities when implementing a local, regional or nationwide roll out of a wireless data solution. Not every device is right for every project. Where the challenge often comes in is how device makers and reps at wireless carries are incentivized. Are they selling you what is best for your deployment or selling you what is best for their commission? Our organization is independent of device or carrier influence.

We can help both educate you on what carrier and device will be best for your deployment in the markets in which you operate and provide upfront and ongoing training of any device or software selected to be deployed; even if the software or solution is not provided by Westlake.

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Carrier Representatives, Dealers & Solution Engineers

How to Shorten Sale Cycles in Complicated Data Projects

Westlake's management currently offers the longest running most attended wireless solution-oriented sales seminars in history. Since 1994, over 40,000 wireless reps, managers and executives have learned to break away from a quota driven sales pattern and move to a more strategic sales approach.

Although many carriers have tried and continue try to make this focus shift, selling solutions and value requires special advanced training typically not offered by carriers at the corporate level. With the rapid advancement of smart phones, this knowledge gap has increased. What we offer are proven strategies and tactics in which can dramatically shorten sales cycles, offer up clear and easy to understand ROI for a potential new account.

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Carrier Senior and Executive Management

Are Your Relationships Right for True Rapid Growth?

In early 1994, a proposal was written by Westlake's President to the President of Paging Network, Inc. discussing how software and wireless solutions can help drive new wireless sales. By 1998, Silverlake (See: About Westlake) had grown to 500,000 users and helped drive over 5 Million of the first text messing customers in the world. PageNet acquired Silverlake the same year. Now (2010), only a portion of that original proposal has come to pass. Carriers have taken a much more serious look at how important applications are to the wireless industry but have only taken just a few steps. In fact, applications are being driven from the device manufactures and simply passed right over most carriers with this in the market place (iPhone, Android, etc.). Contact Us today for why Westlake believes the business segment of applications continues to be both undersold and a strong market for carriers.
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What They Are Saying

"Westlake's wireless solution is a terrific program."
Michael Farr
CNN Financial News

"Westlake fundamentally understood our wireless business challenges and solved them quickly."
Hassan Alamdari
VP Operations
Valley Couriers, Inc.

"Westlake has significantly reduced the cost associated with servicing our clients which created new cash flow to grow our business."
Kenneth Cleveland
Founder, President & CEO
Kenneth Cleveland Financial

"Westlake's technology creates real juice in wireless."
Susan Kuchinskas
M-Business Daily

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ROI of $1 Billion

Headlining the Ventura Country Register, covered by CNN Financial News, ComputerWorld and many more, Westlake's AIRmobility® was used as a tool to prevent over 75 rolling blackouts in the State of California.

As the State of California would report to Westlake that a black out scenario was eminent, 250 of the largest power users in the state were notified to shut excess power off and broadcast back via wireless within 5 minutes how many mega-watts could be shed.

Click On: Web-to-Wireless Program Manages California's Energy.