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What is your Privacy Policy Related to Location Based Services?

Our Smartphone applications use Location Based Services. When activated, AIRmobility uses your GPS coordinates to track your location; GPS Coordinates are sent to our server for this purpose; AIRmobility stores your locations for this purpose. If you choose not to use these services with the application, the AIRmobility applicaion offers an option in its settings to turn GPS tracking off.

Cookies and Data Collection

"Cookies" are inconsequentially small files placed on the hard drive of your computer. The cookies placed on your computer are "session cookies," meaning that they are automatically deleted from your hard drive once you log out or close your browser. We use cookies to provide you better service by allowing you to enter your password less frequently during a session and to help us understand and analyze our web page flow.

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Demo or Deploy?

The automated handheld and configuration tools in AIRmobility® often place our customers at a point of deployment versus just trying out a demo of a new service.

The MGM Hotel and Casino needed a reservation change request form placed on a Blackberry for their casino hosts that can escalate the form via email to the reservation department.

The end-to-end customized solution was generated in under 5 minutes; MGM ordered 20 Blackberry units to start.

Demo AIRmobility® Now.
500 Million and Growing

A joint venture between the Tribune and The Media Company, CIPS Marketing Group, Inc. distributes nationally over 500 Million direct-to-door promotional items (door hangers, product samples, etc.) annually. AIRmobility® has been customized to provide one of the most feature rich and analytical GPS tracking solutions worldwide.

Solution combines back office integration, multi device and carrier support, geo-fencing, fraud detection; do not deliver management, escalations and more.

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