Company Overview

The mission of Westlake Software is to help its customers empower their workforce with highly automated and affordable wireless solutions.

We create value by working with our customers to help them uncover and discover new ways to use their existing services - ways they never thought about or even knew were possible. It is our opinion that most deployed or advanced solutions are so underutilized when compared to their potential, that most of their value has not even been close to being realized.

A good wireless solution solves a single need in which a customer can justify the cost. This may be basic GPS tracking, a simple time card to collect data or a job assignment management system.

A great wireless solution comes from the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of a given field force. The solution can be brought to everything workers do throughout their day. This is then analyzed against both hard cost and soft cost savings. Westlake invests the time to learn about our potential customer’s business and how they do business to find deeper value in the implementation of an automated wireless solution. Finding a return on investment with an automated solution is not complicated; finding the maximum possible return on investment is what truly separates Westlake from its competition.

Our Vision

"We find Westlake's technology so flexible, we are able to automate multiple parts of our business ongoing and often with no extra cost. Westlake's technology is now integrated into our billboard management system, bus shelter maintenance systems, and is being used for capital expenditure reporting, inventory, vehicle inspections and more. We find more value and more use for Westlake’s technology the more we use it."

Mike Porter
Senior Vice President
Clear Channel Outdoor

"Our organization leads with Westlake's technology when working with new customers. No competitor has what we have and that has enabled us to become the largest audited direct-to-door distribution company in North America, delivering more than 500,000,000 deliveries of information every year. Westlake fundamentally changed our business and our approach to how to grow our firm."

Pete Friedrich
Vice President
CIPS Marketing Group (Tribune)

Westlake and its management team are some of the most recognized leading wireless solution experts in the world, having founded what became the largest wireless messaging software company in history with more than 500,000 users worldwide, and sold in 36 countries and in four languages. More than 50% of the Fortune 500 was using this technology by the time the technology was acquired by a publically traded wireless carrier. Our management team continues to support the longest running wireless return on investment seminar series with more than 40,000 in attendance since 1994. You can find Westlake’s management often quoted in the media as well as recurring guest speakers at the industries top wireless shows including CTIA. Westlake has been featured in Mission Critical Magazine and on CNN Financial News to name a few.

If you have a need for a new automated wireless solution or are unhappy with the functionality or cost of your existing one, contact us today. You will speak with a fully qualified wireless representative that we guarantee will understand the complexity of your needs.