Custom Windows, iOS & Android Apps in Hours

Packed full of useful design and programing features, the Application Studio™ enables any non-computer programmer to

  • Build feature rich applications with unlimited graphics, colors and icons.
  • Build feature rich digital forms with 100s of features.
  • Provide cross support for Windows 10, Android and iOS devices simultaneously.

It is time to express your creative vision to deliver your own world-class mobile business applications.

Your journey starts with an easy-to-use tab-driven interface supporting an app emulator showing you, step-by-step, what your app is unfolding to look like. Templating, Menus and Icons, News Feed, Media Files and Digital form creation are all one tap away.

Below is an example of a themed template with personally selected photo for a banner (multiple rotating banners supported), theme color from millions of colors, background color from millions of colors and text color from millions of colors.

Under Menus and Icons tab, you can select from over 1000 icons and millions of colors. Simply pick an icon, select a color and then assign your icons to a wide variety of functions for your users. Its graphical, colorful and it is very simple for every user to understand (virtually no training required).

What does the end result look like? Your app can look and feel dramatically different depending on the limitless themes, graphics and color options you can choose from. Here are a few sample main pages:

There is virtually no ambiguity to your end users on how to use the apps you create.

Everything shown on this page was put together with no additional programming.

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