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Clear Channel Outdoor
Audit and Inspection forms

Westlake Software, Inc. has assisted Clear Channel Outdoor [NYSE: CCO] in the automation of its operations group. The solution:

  • Includes audits, work completion forms, bar coding, GPS tracking, photo capture and back-office integration.
  • Is used to track ad copy changes on bill boards, maintenance of bus shelters, news racks and vehicles, along with tracking of inventory and other aspects of operations.
  • Supports a comprehensive GPS overlay to ensure route efficiencies of drivers.
  • Is deployed in all 38 US locations and has collected millions of bar codes, photos and GPS coordinates over the last several years.
  • Has collected and processed over 5 million photos, records and GPS coordinates.


  • GPS tracking has improved route choices (route optimization) saving the company in fuel costs and time.
  • Improved cash flow due to real-time reporting of completed jobs (bill customers faster when proof of ad copy is posted).
  • Proof of performance photos have decreased the costs of operation by reducing management traveling to the field to verify work performance (time and fuel costs saved)
  • Customer satisfaction is increased due to customer’s ability to see in near real-time the actual job status. Sales and operations leverage real-time photo reporting to confirm with the client that job is completed.
  • Back-office integration eliminated the double-entry of data. Movement of data from the field to the back-office does not require intervention of another person to key in completed data.
  • Improved worker safety due to man down feature leveraging Android’s built-in motion sensors to detect lack of motion. Feature alerts operational management that a loan worker may not be moving or able to respond to communications; app provides additional safety benefits.
  • Formal format and audit structure brought to capital expenditure reporting has positively impacted accounting efficiencies.
  • Open form building architecture has enabled all 38 markets to create their own audits/forms for their local needs to further create cost/productivity efficiencies. As local innovation generates positive results, corporate can then roll out these forms nationally.

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AIRmobility has collected over a Million photos that has helped to improve both our customer relationships and operational productivity.
Mike Porter
Senior Vice President of IT
Clear Channel Outdoor [NYSE: CCO]


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