Wireless Integration

Wireless Integration is the term we use for services that enable an organization to share data between fixed services and wireless devices, or handsets.

This often includes pulling job assignments from a proprietary software, database or third party product and making this a “pick list” for the end user on their Blackberry or Android handset or Android tablet, for example. Users would typical complete a job or work order, enter in data, scan a bar code, capture multiple photos, note the job has been completed and then submit the completion of the job back to the original dispatch of origin.

The value of end-to-end integration is to help your organization save time - which leads to more productivity.

Here is an example: A foreman on a construction site can collect time card data and submit that data from the field. The data is then integrated into the company’s billing and payroll system. There is no paperwork that gets lost, no double entry of data and the company experiences a significant drop in data entry errors. Customers can often bill their clients faster for work performed and get paid sooner for jobs completed. Integration could also include other capabilities. For example, this foreman could have the ability to not only pick the job they may be on but also pick from an ever-changing list of employees - all driven by the back office server/database.

Westlake’s management team has participated in more than 2,000 consulting and integration projects since 1994, in just about every market segment, working with just about every back-end database and most wireless handset devices. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Elevator company automates job assignment and job completion to and from a commercial third party software product with Windows Mobile.
  • National wireless carrier automates its national retail field force. They do it using an automated store assignment from a proprietary system to complete a store assessment form with Blackberry and Android handsets and tablets.
  • International billboard company automated data collection to a third party back office system to track billboard changes, bus shelter maintenance and news rack maintenance with Motorola handsets and Blackberry.
  • Large accounting firm automates “bill pay acceptance” with their clients with integration with Quickbooks on Blackberry and Android.

We have provided consulting and integration work for AT&T, Sprint Nextel, Computer Associates, NEC, Hitachi, Blue Cross, MGM, the United States Secret Service, HealthNet, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Exxon, Eastman Kodak, GTE, and many more.

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