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"Westlake's wireless solution is a terrific program."
Michael Farr
CNN Financial News

"Westlake fundamentally understood our wireless business challenges and solved them quickly."
Hassan Alamdari
VP Operations
Valley Couriers, Inc.

"Westlake has significantly reduced the cost associated with servicing our clients, which created new cash flow to grow our business."
Kenneth Cleveland
Founder, President & CEO
Kenneth Cleveland Financial

"Westlake's technology creates real juice in wireless."
Susan Kuchinskas
M-Business Daily

Total Control and Flexibility in Courier and Delivery Services

Westlake’s management team founded the largest and most successful wireless dispatching software in history, selling more than 500,000 copies around the world. More courier, trucking and dispatch companies used this technology than any other.

Westlake’s technology is behind the largest audited alternative direct-to-door delivery company in North America, assisting in the distribution of more than 500,000,000 advertisements and product samples ever year.

Read the full case study on CIPS Marketing Group (Tribune). This case study discusses back office integration, Telematics support, photo capture, bar code reading and more.

Westlake Software, Inc. has evolved. We now provide the first wireless open-ended platform to support a wide variety of trucking, courier and dispatching needs. Go directly to www.airmobility.net to learn more.

Our dispatching and data collection technology, combined with our full Telematics systems (GPS, etc.), enables our organization to drive value to every aspect of your courier, delivery or freight management needs.

  • Dispatch & Accounting
  • Mobile communications using most commercial devices (Blackberry, Android, iDEN phones) and carriers
  • Bar code scanning and RFID
  • Vehicle maintenance tracking and inspection
  • Driver management
  • Fuel expense reporting and management
  • Mileage and time accounting
  • Geo-fencing
  • Street-level maps
  • Speed, direction, stop times, start times, route management
  • Digital Signature Capture
  • Real-time demand order management
  • Proof-of-delivery with integrated photo capture / GPS
  • Reverse geo-code to address management needs

All route delivery data collected comes to you in an easy-to-view and exportable MS Excel spreadsheet. Data is web services-ready and supports an XML export feed, as needed.

Multiple reports and dashboard are available to view and analyze your data in a wide variety of ways.

This solution supports complete Telematics. Fixed locations can denote if a delivery has been made or not and displayed in color; routes can be geo-fences and show multiple drivers in the same geo-fence simultaneously; raw data of GPS shows speed, address, stopping times, moving times, etc.

If you are interested in implementing a new dispatch system or are being held back by your existing system, contact us today or complete our needs assessment form.

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Comprehensive Telematics

GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, reverse geo address look-up, speed, start and stop times, multiple route overlays, and much more. Westlake's GPS technology is used by its customers for safety, route improvement. proof-of-performance, automated geo-fence time card and mileage tracking, and reimbursement needs. Click on the link below to learn more.

GPS / LBS Tracking

Needs Assessment

In most cases, wireless business implementations can become complicated quickly.

We have set up a step-by-step form to help you organize the best way in which you might want to approach your needs. Since 1994, our management team has helped well over 1,000 organizations find ways to use wireless devices and services to improve productivity, decrease costs and improve sales, when applicable. Click on Needs Assessment below to get started