is an unmatched solution in the market designed specifically to manage multiple aspects of field labor in the retail channel for global manufacturers.

Structured as a low-code/no-code SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, it ensures accountability and sharp focus among staff and agencies, merging creative and distinctive brand growth strategies with technology, artificial intelligence, translations, and importantly; international labor laws.

It seamlessly integrates compliance, data analytics, data collection, training, merchandising, sales, and asset management into a single powerful tool that:

Enhances efficiency.
Reduces costs.
Boosts sales performance.

“Microsoft Corporation has been leveraging technology for over a decade to uphold and expand its brands across nearly 80,000 retail outlets spanning 80 countries and supporting 50+ languages.” offers extensive back-office integrations with other vital enterprise systems, comprehensive operational support across iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML5 platforms, and the deployment of numerous privately branded campaigns and field labor programs.

Cross-support your field labor teams with native Android, iOS, Windows and HTML5 mobile platforms.

  • Creation of no code/low code custom-branded mobile applications across all supported operating systems.
  • Unlimited data collection forms can be utilized through a question-centric model, boasting numerous features such as conditional form logic, QR Code/Barcoding capabilities, calendaring questions with start and stop dates, embedded graphics for visual guidance, and document integration.
  • Seamlessly integrated language translation functionality.
  • Streamlined merchandising and sales processes.
  • Tailored deployment programs for staff, agencies, and retail professionals (store workers).
  • Implementation of a fully integrated trouble-ticketing system.
  • Comprehensive features including calendars, assignments, goal tracking, user and location management, asset tracking, resource file management, a custom reporting center, triggers and alerts, push notifications, dashboards, representative behavioral analysis, custom news feeds, and more.

Brands and Chains empowers administrators to seamlessly integrate products/brands into the system for worldwide utilization.

Administrators have the authority to specify which products/brands are available in particular countries and designate the partners supporting those products/brands at the individual store level.

Let your Global Administrator define what products are sold through your retail channel by country.

These settings dynamically interact with the data collection platform, effectively filtering out irrelevant sections of brands and products from the question set in stores where they are not available.

Question-Centric Model

Using a question-centric approach, administrators have precise control over each question in surveys or forms. They can determine the frequency, date range, and relevance of questions based on various criteria such as title/work and multiple other filters.

Set custom filters by each question in a surveys by user title, frequency, visit type, date range, conditional logic and more.

These capabilities allow administrators to maintain a single comprehensive global form while selectively adding or removing questions based on specific survey requirements and filters.


Our analytics team can turn your data into the most comprehensive dashboards supporting data visualization, real-time monitoring, performance tracking, data integration, customization and personalization, interactivity and drill-down capabilities.

Consolidate global analytics in real-time working from a single multi-lingual platform.

Global Field Labor

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