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Tracking the time of highly mobile employees continues to create challenges for many organizations.

  • The autonomy of a sales force or field force to work independently and without direct supervision can lead to time fraud.
  • Using paper-based systems (writing time down and then entering data into a back office system) leads to lost paperwork and data entry errors.
  • Paper-based systems also have no guaranteed way to ensure employees are where they are supposed to be and for the length of time they are supposed to be there.

Westlake has solved these challenges by helping companies take a fully integrated wireless approach to timecard management.

Westlake helps its customers collect approximately 400,000 time records every month.

Depending on the need, we have combined geo-fencing, photo capture, time reporting, parts tracking, bar coding and back office integration into the most effective mobile time card management system on the market. Your organization may not need every aspect mentioned below, however, contact us if you believe your organization can benefit from any of the following.

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We support a wide variety of smartphones and devices including, but not limited to, Blackberry, Android handsets, Android Tablets, iDEN Motorola handsets, i580, i680 and the i686.

1. Use of Telematics (GPS) in the Management of Time Cards

Taking full advantage of cellular handset GPS technology, we offer a comprehensive GPS tracking option that includes geo-fencing (when someone arrives to a denoted area and when they leave), calculation of time in the geo-fence, and miles traveled (if set up as a delivery route, for example). Our system tracks speed, triggered speed violations, stop times, start times, mileage and more.

The pink area below shows a denoted complex geo-fence defined by a customer and displays the direction and route of two employees who provided delivery services in that area.

Calculations here show the driver's name, route, login and logout time of the geo-fence, total hours spent within the geo-fence and total miles driven.

Raw GPS data displays moving, slowing and stop times by color, speed of driver, etc.

2. Use of Photo Capture in the Management of Time Cards

Photos can be a powerful tool to assist in the progression of work by a mobile employee. Having the worker take progress pictures to show work product is a highly effective way of ensuring compliance on multiple levels. They clearly are at the right location, making progress and can track the time it takes to complete a job end-to-end (the first photo with date and time is the start date and time, while the last photo is the completion date and time). Here is an example of a progression of photos taken by an employee managing a bush shelter in San Francisco.

Our systems captured his arrival time with the first photo and captured his departure time with the repaired photo. Beyond GPS, many businesses are now taking advantage of photo capture technology and supporting database inputs to integrate photos into their back offices systems. Not only are the photos a good way to track time spent at a location by an employee, they are powerful tools to show proof-of-performance to both management and customers. The photo example above was sent to Clear Channel Management as well as the bureau that oversees bus shelters in the city of San Francisco.

3. Wireless Phone Form Factor

The concept is simple: take the fields off of your existing paper-based time card and place it on a wireless handset. Westlake has created hundreds of time card applications and all are designed to be specific to the way in which you conduct business today. This can include bar coding of inventory parts as well as anything else you wish to track, in addition to time and the employee.

4. Back Office Integration

The value of all of the collected and analyzed data above becomes more powerful by migrating the information directly to an existing payroll or billing system. Our organization has worked with many different proprietary and third party accounting systems and offers these services to our customers on a contract basis.

The real value here is in the elimination of double entry of data. Migrating geo-fenced data that shows how long an employee spent in a particular route (time card) and how many miles they drove, if applicable (reimbursement). The bottom line is that data entered into a wireless form means no one had to enter this information a second time. This can significantly reduce the number of data entry errors and more.

To assist you in the analysis of your data, Westlake also offers extensive use of triggers and thresholds, dashboards and reporting options online.

If you wish to learn more about how to automate your time card process, please contact us today or complete our needs assessment form.

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Comprehensive Telematics

GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, reverse geo address look-up, speed, start and stop times, multiple route overlays, and much more. Westlake's GPS technology is used by its customers for safety, route improvement. proof-of-performance, automated geo-fence time card and mileage tracking, and reimbursement needs. Click on the link below to learn more.

GPS / LBS Tracking

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Case Study Highlights

Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO) has implemented AIRmobility as a fully integrated back office solution helping track the completion of advertising changes on hundreds of thousands of billboards nationally. This has expanded to bus shelter maintenance, news racks, inventory, and capital maintenance reporting. Our solution makes extensive use of photo capture, GPS tracking and bar code reading.

CIPS Marketing Group(Tribune / The Media Company) is the largest indirect direct-to-door distribution company in the nation, currently distributing more tahn 500,000,000 advertisements and product samples each year. AIRmobility is used as a tool to track millions of GPS coordinates every month to offer their customers complete proof-of-performance of services performed. The solution includes back office integration, heavy driving routes, do not deliver information, and more, to handsets being used in a 24 x 7 x 365 operation.

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