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"Westlake's wireless solution is a terrific program."
Michael Farr
CNN Financial News

"Westlake fundamentally understood our wireless business challenges and solved them quickly."
Hassan Alamdari
VP Operations
Valley Couriers, Inc.

"Westlake has significantly reduced the cost associated with servicing our clients, which created new cash flow to grow our business."
Kenneth Cleveland
Founder, President & CEO
Kenneth Cleveland Financial

"Westlake's technology creates real juice in wireless."
Susan Kuchinskas
M-Business Daily

Westlake is the telematics transportation and tracking solution for CIPS Marketing Group (Tribune). CIPS distributes more than 500,000,000 advertisements and product samples in North America direct to consumers' doors. See full case study.

We effectively combine telematics, photo capture, bar coding and field forms. We use this to convert wireless forms for smartphones and other business handsets such as Sprint Nextel iDEN line (i580, i680, i686, etc.) into a complete end-to-end data collection, reporting and analysis solution.

Our organization offers some of the most advanced telematics in the industry, supporting:

  • Direction
  • Speed
  • Speed violations
  • Geo-fencing
  • Stop times
  • Start times
  • Reverse geo-code to address conversion
  • Multiple color-driven route displays
  • Mileage tracking (for reimbursement, fuel and time card management)
  • Back office integration into commercial or proprietary software systems

Pre-defined delivery routes can be managed in detail, benchmarking the driver to each denoted drop-off and pick-up.

Raw data can display distance from when the diver denoted a drop-off was made to the actual location the drop-of was to occur:

Data collection and analysis is easy to use and configure for your specific needs. You can create your own wireless form factors when moving away from a paper-based system. For example, this construction company is managing its vendors by tracking expenses using both Blackberry and Android handsets:

All data collected can be exported to MS Excel, routed to a back office system via web services or XML feed, printed as a re-compiled PDF report or analyzed on an available or customized dash board.

Please contact us today for more information about our affordable distribution and transportation solutions or complete our needs assessment form so we may help you faster.

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Comprehensive Telematics

GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, reverse geo address look-up, speed, start and stop times, multiple route overlays, and much more. Westlake's GPS technology is used by its customers for safety, route improvement. proof-of-performance, automated geo-fence time card and mileage tracking, and reimbursement needs. Click on the link below to learn more.

GPS / LBS Tracking

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In most cases, wireless business implementations can become complicated quickly.

We have set up a step-by-step form to help you organize the best way in which you might want to approach your needs. Since 1994, our management team has helped well over 1,000 organizations find ways to use wireless devices and services to improve productivity, decrease costs and improve sales, when applicable. Click on Needs Assessment below to get started