Union Onsite

Union Onsite is a cloud-based platform design to help labor unions drive engagement with their staff and members in unique and creative ways.

For unions of any size, Union Onsite is the preferred solution for document distribution and collection, custom news, real-time push notifications, video messaging, digital forms (sign up, incident reporting, attendance tracking, surveys), benefits and more.

“Distributing documents, news, messaging and push notifications to and for our 31,000+ members is now easy. We have been favorably impressed with the support we consistently receive.”
Paul Edwards, CFO
UFCW 770 - Southern California

Our no-code low-code model enables any administrator to quickly and easily make changes, send messages, share documents, promote benefits, news and events and do so in real time and across all commercial mobile devices and operating systems simultaneously. Take advantage of hundreds of features, millions of colors, using your own graphics to design a full-featured 100% interactive application.

Email: tim (dot) jensen (at sign) westlakesoftware.com

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Union Onsite Sales and Support Team

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